Inside Mosquito Control: Plants to Repel the Bloodsuckers


Nobody wants to fill their lungs with nasty DDT-based spray and the organic stuff doesn’t smell that much better (forget the fact that it seems to attract more insects than it keeps away). We believe in one strong mosquito repellent home remedy over the rest, even better than those citronella mosquito repellent candles that will keep you going back and forth from the store. I’m talking about natural mosquito repellent plants; they’ll keep your home mosquito-free, fresh-smelling and fresh.

1)      Basil

It’s not just delicious: basil is easily planted in your home and keeps away mosquitos. Basil can be grown indoors with little hassle. Just find a small pot, basic soil, some seeds, and let it get plenty of sunlight on a windowsill, where it will deny mosquitoes’ entrance to your home.

2)      Lavender

It’s funny how some of the plants that smell best to us are avoided like the plague by insects: lavender is such a flower. Its smooth, calming scent will bring a relaxing air to any room in which lavender is placed, and it’s just as easy to grow as basil. You can even use it to make tea!

3)      Peppermint

Similarly, the lovely aroma and flavor of peppermint repels all bugs. It’s another plant you can grow and use in the kitchen. Other uses for peppermint include herbal tea (peppermint tea has long been used to improve mood) and an itch treatment – possibly for bites from those obnoxious mosquitoes.

4)      Garlic

Garlic breath is nasty, but the smell of raw or cooking garlic is sure to prompt “What’s cooking?”. It’s easily grown in an outdoor garden, but if you don’t have a garden or wish to grow it, you can hang up a sack of it in your kitchen to keep away mosquitoes and give your home a rustic touch.

5)      Rosemary

Rosemary attracts people to lamb chops, but repels mosquitoes from your kitchen. It’s easily grown inside, and you can save money and trips to the store by keeping it around. Plus, its sprigs grow out of beautiful purple flowers.

6)      Citronella

Citronella is another great bet for a mosquito repellent plant – skip the candles and go straight for the plant. It’s cheaper and doesn’t smell as strongly, but repels insects just as well. It’s a nice, green perennial grass that easily grows, reaching up to five or six feet. Set it up on your patio, front porch, or outside around big windows; this will repel mosquitoes from their main entry points to your home.

7)      Marigolds

A beautiful and bright flower, marigolds bear an aroma most insects can’t stand. They can also be planted around your home to form an anti-mosquito barrier, or in your garden to keep gardening a relaxing, bite-free experience.

Forget the DDT and foul candles; when it comes to insect repellent, Mother Nature has you covered. If you’re experiencing an insect infestation, though, don’t wait and head over to TalkLocal to find an exterminator without any of the headache.

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