Top Energy Efficient Appliances: Saving More Than One Type of Green…

shutterstock_153253364Have you ever heard the story about a woman who switched out a refrigerator from 1973 for a refrigerator made in this century, saving $400 every year? In fact, more and more energy efficient appliances are hitting the market every year. So, if you’re torn about whether to repair an old appliance or replace it, look beyond the sticker price and think about your utility costs. Your appliances might not be as old as our example, but the energy use of your current appliances could be driving higher energy costs than it should given modern advances. Upgrading your appliances can drastically reduce this utility cost and increase your home’s energy efficiency, saving a whole lot of both types of green.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some of the top energy efficient appliances on the market in 2015:

–        Refrigerator: The Mighty Samsung RF261BIAESR

The Samsung RF261BIAESR is large and sophisticated, with a total capacity of 25.5 cubic feet due to an extremely efficient array of internal shelves, bins, produce crispers, and a separate pantry with its own temperature control. This refrigerator has rightfully earned an EPA Energy Star label, which means that besides being extremely affordable and functional, product testing verifies that it’s significantly more energy-efficient than most others on the market. Indeed, this appliance uses a 398 kWh/year while many refrigerators almost double that.

 –        Washing Machine/Supercomputer: LG WM3170C

LG WM3170C, a $879 front-load washer of 4.28 ft^3 volume, uses its 90 kWh/year with staggering efficiency, boasting seven different cycle options, anti-vibration technology, and an LED display. If seven cycles aren’t enough for you, this washing machine can be synced to a smartphone to download even more.

 –        Boiler: The Wallet-Saving Bosch Greenstar

Most Energy Star-certified boilers net you 19% savings on energy costs when compared to your average boiler, but they reach as high as 40%, even though those units can be more expensive than they’re worth. The Bosch Greenstar series includes high-efficiency, ultra-compact, and quiet boilers for any home size – the low energy usage will pay for a big chunk of the cost of switching out your current boiler in just a few years.

 –        Dishwasher: The Crowd-Pleasing Whirlpool Gold WDT720PADM

The $400-600 Whirlpool Gold WDT720PADM washes your dishes at 44 decibels, little more than a hum in the background, accommodating all sizes with an adjustable upper rack, fold-down tines, and a silverware basket – all using an Energy Star-winning 260 kWh/year. It’s no wonder this dishwasher’s over 1000 votes average near five stars on  Picture3.png

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