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Black Friday Survival Guide: Five Steps to Survive the ‘Holiday’

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015


While it’s not technically a ‘holiday’, there’s no denying that Black Friday is one of the most widely celebrated days on the calendar. And by celebrated, I mean, you go into stores and try not to get body slammed while looking for dozens of cheap goods. But how are you supposed to do that when you just had Thanksgiving dinner and are weighed down by turkey, stuffing, and potatoes?

To ensure your victory (and safety) on this day, we’re providing you with a Black Friday survival guide. Here are five tips to help you make it through Black Friday:

1. Create a List: You may want to take advantage of every single sale you see but you know that you can’t and shouldn’t. You need to determine exactly what you want, write a list, and stick to it. Know the item and its brand. Take note of the price so you know you won’t pay more than you intend to. Find out everything about the items you want and then go out and conquer.

2. Stake Out Your Location: After deciding what you want, know where you’re going to get it. What store chain are you going to and which specific store out of that chain will you hit? One close to home or one far away to avoid (some) of the crowds? Either way, choose one store and walk around the store beforehand so you can quickly locate items without directions from what will surely be very busy sales clerks.

3. Bring a Shopping Buddy: Every errand is made more bearable, maybe even fun, when you make a date of it. And, when you’re taking on thick and aggressive crowds, pleasant company can help keep you safe and sane. Who else but a trusted friend would pick you up when the stampede knocks you down? Plus, they’ll come in handy if you choose the time-saving divide and conquer strategy where you each divide the store and grab the listed items in your respective territories. For best results, find a willing adult with the patience to wake up early and battle the human and vehicular traffic that will inevitably greet you on your journey. (Note: try to leave the kids and the moody “emo phase” teens at home.)

4. Bring the Right Equipment: Don’t bring a bag loaded to the brim with stuff. Have a properly secured bag (a fanny pack if need be) where you’re able to find your wallet, keys, and any coupons you may have as quickly as possible. If possible, get a scan protected wallet or sleeve for your card as these large crowds are easy hunting grounds for cyber thieves. Finally, bring a water bottle and a portable breakfast so you don’t pass out in the long lines.

5. Skip It: Just don’t go. Thanksgiving was the day before and you had to deal with crazy family members, arguing over food and what to watch on TV. No one will hold it against you if you stay home to avoid the danger that comes with this nightmare of a day. Stay home, relax in your favorite pair of slippers and if you really want to ‘celebrate’ a special deal, take a look at some nice Cyber Monday sales.

And there you have it. If you feel you must absolutely go out this Black Friday, please be safe and use the tips in this Black Friday survival guide to your advantage. If you choose not to go and will give Cyber Monday a try, contact TalkLocal so we can make sure your computer is in tiptop shape.

Happy bargain shopping, everyone!