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Best Way Clean Windows

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Best Way Clean Windows - Window Replacement

Large windows are always a nice feature, because they make any indoor space seem bigger and brighter. At the same time, they get dirty really fast and require frequent cleanings. Professional maid services could lift this weight off your shoulders. Nonetheless, you can still discover and apply the best way to clean windows on your own, without any professional help.

Clean Your Windows with Vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent natural cleaning agent. You can use it to keep your windows and carpets clean with minimal effort. To make your glass surfaces shine brightly, you just have to mix water with vinegar and spray it on your dirty surfaces, which should be prepped for cleaning first.

To prep windows for cleaning, just wipe them with a clean cloth to remove dirt and debris accumulations. Afterwards, spray the mix of water and vinegar and rub the glass with a microfiber cloth until you leave it shiny and dry. This method is simple, convenient, and time-effective.

Apply a Mix of Dishwashing Soap and Water with a Strip applicator

Interested in finding the best way to clean windows? If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can opt for a different cleaning method, based on a mix of warm water and dishwashing soap. Fill a plastic bucket with this solution and distribute it evenly on your window with a strip applicator, suitable for large surfaces.

Rinse meticulously with clean water and then wipe clean with a microfiber rag. Here’s an extra tip: divided-light windows can be easily cleaned by utilizing a personalized squeegee, especially designed to fit the pane. Multi-pane windows can be wiped off with a natural sponge, which absorbs water faster and better than its synthetic counterparts.

Ask an Expert

Looking for the best way clean windows? In this case, just find the best provider of maid services and rely on his expert guidance. To simplify your mission, track local experts with Seva Call, your favorite source of information.