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Building A Chain Link Fence

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Building A Chain Link Fence - Handyman

Chain link fences seem to be as practical as they are cost-efficient. Like driveway gates, many people utilize these types of fences in their yards to keep unwanted visitors away and to stop their children or pets from wandering off. Building a chain link fence in your yard will take plenty of time, effort, tools, and supplies, but it is certainly a do-it-yourself project worth taking on if you are concerned with saving a few bucks.

Building A Chain Link Fence

1. Before you even break ground, you’ll want to examine your property line and make sure that you are not infringing on someone else’s territory. If you constructed your fence and your neighbor had an issue with it, you might be forced to take the whole thing down. Also, you’ll want to make sure that building a chain link fence complies with property codes for your area. You always want to comply with local statutes when altering or renovating your property.

2. Plan out the areas where your chain link fence will run. This takes careful measurement and the right tools to ensure that the fence is straight. You can either mark the fence line with spray paint on the grass or else outline it with string tied to wooden stakes.

3. The posts are the first element of the fence to go in. Dig each hole with a post hole digger. These holes must be separated by equal distance. Also, the post hole should be deep — approximately 1-2 feet. Once the posts are dropped into the holes, fill in the holes with cement to stabilize the posts.

4. Most common chain link fence kits come with pipe fittings and tension bands. Install this hardware on the poles before bringing out the chain mesh.

5. Run the chain mesh from post to post, making sure it stays tight the entire way. Through careful planning, you should have purchased just the right amount of chain meshing for your fence.

6. Most chain link fences include a gate. Gate kits are commonly available with all chain link fence supplies and make installing a gate amazingly simple.

Too Much For You?

It takes a lot of energy and know-how to build a chain link fence that looks good and serves its purpose. There are always local professionals available to help when you are in a jam. You don’t have to search hard for them, either. Just use TalkLocal‘s nifty service and you’ll be talking with someone that can help in a mere 90 seconds.