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Can You Give A Dog Pain Medicine?

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Can You Give A Dog Pain Medicine? - Veterinarians

You find that your dog is in pain — and your first instinct would be to relieve the pain in the way you know how to do, by giving it human pain medicine — such as an aspirin pill. But by doing this you are making a serious mistake. Dog anatomy and biological traits are different from that of humans’, and human medicine may actually do more harm than good. Learn why the answer to “Can you give a dog pain medicine?” usually can’t be found in your medicine cabinet. Get the highest rated Dog Pain Relievers shipped overnight from Amazon starting at $5.68.

Why Your Pain Medicine Is Bad For Dogs

Ask yourself why you take an aspirin pill in the first place. You are in pain, yes — but you generally have an idea of the source of the pain and would have gone to request a professional’s help if the problem is serious (that is, something that will not go away unless it is treated) but in many cases you do not know the dog’s source of pain.

So by giving it baby aspirin, even it if works, you are just “masking” the problem — you did not actually treat the source of the pain, which is why you should take your dog to a professional for treatment. If left too long, your dog’s pain may become a life-threatening condition.

A chemical found in some aspirins called “acetaminophen” is known to be fatal to dogs and cats alike. This is because of the possible side effects, such as ulceration. Dogs and cats are said to be more sensitive to these side effects than humans, making this chemical potentially fatal to them.

If your dog is pregnant, you should avoid giving it any medication unapproved by professionals. The wrong drugs can cause serious birth defects. If your dog is currently taking other medicines as well, consult a professional, because additional drugs can negatively interact with the other drugs present in the dog’s body.

Before going to a veterinarian it is recommended that you take notes of your dog’s behavior throughout times of the day, the environment in which your dog lives, and your dog’s diet. This information can help the vet identify the issue more quickly, as changes in certain behavior can indicate specific conditions.

Additional Help

Can you give a dog pain medicine? Yes, here’s what kind of medicine you can give them if they’re in pain. Check out these top 10 pain medicines for dogs. Get the highest rated Dog Pain Relievers shipped overnight from Amazon starting at $5.68

If you think your dog is in pain, or has any serious health problems, find a veterinarian right away. Although dog pain relievers are a good short-term solution to keep your pet comfortable while waiting to visit the vet, they are not a long-term solution. Seek out a veterinarian so that they can prescribe medicine, if necessary, to treat your dog’s health issues. TalkLocal can help you find a veterinarian in your area. We will connect you with up to three veterinarians in a matter of minutes, for free!

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