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Installing New Electrical Service Panels

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Installing New Electrical Service Panels - Electricians

Replacing electrical service panels is a complicated job and dangerous with improper installations, presenting risks of fire or electrocution. Precise installation according to code is crucial when putting in a new electrical service panel. Use only the proper components for their intended usage.

While some homeowners bravely take on this task themselves, most cities require that it be handled by a state licensed, bonded, and insured electrician.

Replace Electrical Service Panels If:

– The existing panel is the outdated type of fuse box.

– There are no more available spaces on the old panel to accommodate new electrical circuits you need to add to your home.

– If your circuit breakers trip and fuses blow frequently in your home and it’s difficult to locate parts for replacement.

– The panel is already rusted out and susceptible to moisture, which causes frequent short circuits.

Consult a Qualified Electrician

Is it time to replace your old-fashioned fuse panel? Is the panel so incredibly overloaded that it’s become a hazard? Schedule an appointment with a qualified electrician regarding the installation of a new electrical service panel.

During your consultation, the electrician will let you know what the proper size of your service panel should be so that it can support the energy needs of your home. You will also get an installation service quote.

What to Expect When a Pro Upgrades Your Service Panel

When you work with a reputable electrician, you should expect their assistance right from the start in coordinating the job with the city building inspector and obtaining an electrical permit. It should only take a day to complete this job, so you don’t have to be without power in your home for long.

A reputable electrician will have no hidden fees, meaning the price of the entire upgrade already includes labor and all parts. The panels and breakers to be used should all be high-quality. The electrician will see to it that your electrical service panels will be grounded the proper way and bonded to meet code to ensure your household’s safety.

The panel’s inside wiring would be cleaned up and terminated to the correctly sized circuit breakers. Your wiring will also be tested for ground fault and overloading.

Need New Electrical Service Panels?

If you’ve decided to replace your old panel at home, find a qualified electrician in your area as quickly as possible by using Seva Call. With our free and quick service, there’s no need to waste time searching for the service you need. Let us connect you to local quality professionals in minutes!