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Gutter Guards for Leaves

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Gutter Guards for Leaves - Roofers

Any competent roofer will tell you that gutters, which are not properly protected by gutter guards, should be cleaned at least once on a weekly basis. Of course, this assignment can be time-consuming and quite tedious. To save time and effort, it is recommended to install gutter guards for leaves.

How to Benefit from a “Leafless” Gutter System

If you want to buy and install the very best gutter guards, it is preferable to discuss your options with a competent roofer before giving the green light to this project. There are various kinds of gutter guards; each type displays its own list of pros and cons. If the large amount of dead leaves threatening to clog your gutter is your number one problem, consider opting for a “leafless” gutter system. In this case, you should know two things:

1)   Gutters should be covered by a non-combustible, highly resistant mesh with an opening that measures less than 5 mm, to prevent dead leaves from slipping inside the gutter

2)   This mesh should be properly installed to enable tree branches and leaves to just roll off the roof surface without any difficulties. The gutter mesh will lead to cleaner gutters and will make you climb on the ladder less often. It protects your property from extensive water damage and allows you to attain peace of mind, even in the event of a storm or a powerful rainfall.

Leaf gutter guards are available in a great variety of colors, including some of the most popular shades of green, brown, red, and beige, so you won’t have any trouble finding the one that is just right for your home.

Ask an Expert

Don’t know how to find and purchase the best gutter guards for leaves? If so, just talk to a competent local roofer. Pick the most reliable one in your area with TalkLocal, your free service designed to connect you with the best professionals in no time, with minimal effort.