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Popular Handyman Jobs

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Popular Handyman Jobs - Handyman

Any homeowner will tell you that when it comes to repairs, the jobs seem never-ending. With to-do lists a mile long, it seems that the moment one item is checked off, another gets added. In an attempt to catch up on, or even eliminate, these lists altogether, some homeowners are seeking out the assistance of a handyman.

In order to know if a handyman is the right professional to help with your home repair needs, consult the following list of popular handyman jobs.

Carpentry: Whether you need a new deck built or old wooden trim replaced, a handyman can often help. He or she will generally be at least moderately skilled in choosing the right type of wood, tools, and knowing the cuts to take to make your finished project shine.

Masonry: Upheaved concrete sidewalks and crumbling bricks are not only unsightly, but can also be hazardous. Most handymen will know the proper methods for repairing brickwork or pouring concrete.

Plumbing: While serious plumbing issues may require a plumber, minor replacement of pipes or installation of new plumbing, such as the addition of a water line to a refrigerator ice maker, can usually be tackled by a qualified handyman.

Electrical: You will want to be sure that whoever works on your electricity is licensed to do so. Most handymen are very qualified. He or she should be able to handle minor tasks such as the installation or replacement of electrical outlets, ceiling fans, or running lights.

Sheetrock: If you need walls replaced, removed, or added to your home, generally a handyman should be able to tackle these processes. It can be messy, and requires a skill in drywall mud that the average homeowner might not want to take on alone.

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