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How Much Does a Keyboard Cost?

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

How Much Does a Keyboard Cost? - Computer Repair

It’s hard to imagine that in the beginning computers didn’t have a keyboard or a mouse. Nowadays there are countless keyboard models, ranging from the basic, standard one to the latest ergonomic models. If you want to replace your old keyboard because it doesn’t work properly any more or simply because you want a new item, your main concerns are probably cost and model.

How Much Does a Keyboard Cost?

Prices for a keyboard that connects to your computer through a USB can range from $10-15 for a basic model to $130 for an ergonomic wireless model.

Cost and Design

The design of the keyboard has evolved over time. Currently, the most popular keyboards are the ergonomic wireless ones, which are preferred for both their design, and their ergonomic properties.

The standard keyboard model you grew up with is based on the design of the typewriter. There had not been any major changes in keyboard design until the 1980’s. Since then, the design of ergonomic keyboards has become popular. As a result, there are many models at competitive prices.

Are Ergonomic Wireless Keyboards Better Than Standard Keyboards?

Wireless keyboards are not only easier to use and have a more attractive design, but they are considered to have health benefits as well.

Extended keyboard usage has been associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Wireless ergonomic keyboards reduce the symptoms associated with CTS. The movements of the hands are more natural, and tension in the arm is reduced.

In addition, people suffering from arthritis can benefit from using ergonomic design keyboards.

Need Help with Your Computer?

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