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Kwanzaa Gift Guide

Monday, December 21st, 2015


Happy Kwanzaa everyone! Kwanzaa is the time of year when we gather around family and friends and celebrate African-American culture. It’s a time to reflect over the past and look forward to the future. In the spirit of Kwanzaa and what it stands for, it is customary to exchange gifts on the final night of the week long holiday. Kwanzaa encourages homemade gifts. It’s hard enough trying to buy the right gift, let alone making one. Don’t fret, we’ve handcrafted the perfect Kwanzaa gift guide for you!


Musical drums/rain maker

This gift is perfect for the little musician in your life. Children will enjoy making music with their new instruments, and the more children at your celebration the better. Celebrate the spirit of kuumba (creativity) and ask them to perform as a band for the karamu (feast).

Homemade bath salts/scrubs

Bath salts and scrubs are the perfect gifts for activists, workaholics, and anyone who is striving to define themselves through the essence of kujichagulia (self-determination). After a long, exhausting day, they’ll be so grateful to just sit, soak, and scrub away the day’s stresses.

Fabric clock

Make your loved one a fabric clock so they’ll always be on time. Show your commitment to ujamaa  (cooperative economics) by taking it a step further and supporting a black-owned business that sells African print fabrics. *Use the leftover fabric to make hand warmers

“Open when…” cards

The “Open when…” cards are a sweet, sentimental gift for anyone. They’re little cards that you make for people to open when [insert feeling]. Here are some possible topics. When their imani (faith) starts to fade, these cards will help.

Nuts and bolts chess set

This chess set is perfect for the (aspiring) intellectual in your crew! Ujima (collective work/ responsibility) is a necessary part in educating our children. Teach them (or let them teach you) with this chess set.

Picture frame tray

A picture frame tray is a wonderful present for anyone. It sends the message of umoja (unity). Fill the tray with pictures of family, friends, and community; it’ll remind the recipient about the importance of umoja.

Terrarium Necklace

This necklace is great symbol for nia (purpose). Like the constantly developing plant, we must also strive to develop our communities to be great. If a live plant doesn’t seem practical, then check out this one made with faux greenery.

For more information about Kwanzaa, check out its official website here. And remember, if you need something taken care of around the home so you can enjoy the time with your family, give TalkLocal a ring.