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New Heating and Cooling Systems: Heat Pumps

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

New Heating and Cooling Systems: Heat Pumps - Heating and Cooling

Heat pumps are not entirely new inventions. They have been around for decades but were not that popular. However, recent technological advancements have created a growing demand for these appliances. For those not familiar with heat pumps, these devices are able to deliver heat and cooling, as well as hot water. In short, they are energy-efficient substitutes to air conditioning units and furnaces.

Using electricity, a heat pump will take heat from a cool area to make it even cooler and will move this heat to an already warm area to make it warmer. This line of new heating and cooling systems simply transport heat, as opposed to producing heat, so they cost less than the traditional cooling and heating devices in conditioning the same amount of space.

Types of Heat Pumps

– Air-source heat pump: Moves heat between a house and the air outside.

– Geothermal heat pump: Moves heat between a house and a nearby geothermal source, which is either the ground or a water source.

– Absorption heat pump: Utilizes heat as its fuel source. Various heat sources can be used.

New Innovations

Heat pump technologies are continuously developing and improving. Those in the market for these new heating and cooling systems can look forward to a number of innovative features such as:

– Two-speed compressor: It allows the heat pump to be operated almost to its cooling or heating capacity, saving electricity and reducing wear on the compressor. It also makes it possible for different rooms in your home to have different temperatures.

– Variable- or dual-speed motor: With the ability of the fan’s speed to be adjusted, you can maintain air circulation at a comfortable level. This reduces cool air drafts while boosting cost savings. It also lessens blower noise when it’s operating at full speed.

– Desuperheater: This feature works to recover excess heat from the cooling mode of the pump and use this energy to heat up water. This enables a heat pump to efficiently heat water thrice more than standard electric water heaters.

РScroll Compressor:  Heat pumps equipped with this feature offer warmer air when in heating mode in comparison to other types of heat pumps that have piston compressors.

Interested in Installing a Heat Pump?

Finding a quality contractor to install a heat pump is crucial. The system has to be the right size, not too small and not too big, in order not to create unnecessary wear on the equipment and ensure your home will be kept comfortable. It is recommended to meet with at least three different heating and cooling contractors before hiring for your job.

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