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How to Refinish Wooden Doors

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

How to Refinish Wooden Doors - Painters

Your door may look old and rusty over time, which will reflect on the overall appearance of your property. Rain, snow, exposure to sunlight, and aging will eventually deteriorate your door. You can buy a new one or, more conveniently, refinish your old wooden door.

How to Refinish Wooden Door 

If, instead of buying a modern fiberglass door, you have decided to recondition your seasoned one, let’s see what steps you should follow in order to do a good job. You can refinish wooden doors successfully if you pay attention to each of the following six stages:

1. First, remove the door from its frame. You may need a friend to help you.

2. Remove the paint from it using a paint remover.

3. Clean the paint remover using a scrapper.

4. Wipe the door down using towels.

5. Use sandpaper to clean the surface of the door, prior to any refinishing works.

6. Use a varnish based on oil to refinish it – it can do miracles.

When you choose to begin this home improvement project, you will need to remove the door. In order to keep it safe, it is recommended that you use a sheet to cover it. It can be difficult to support the door, but a friend should be enough to do the job.

Then, the old finish of your door is best removed with a paint remover, which you should apply repeatedly until you can see the surface of the wood.

Then again, this surface needs more cleaning, with the help of sandpaper. Only after this operation has been performed can you start refinishing, using an oil-based varnish.

Need Assistance?

If you’re not much of a DIY’er, and find this difficult and tiresome, a professional painter can do the job for you. Seva Call can put you in contact with several experienced professionals in your local area in no time.