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Safelite Auto Glass

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Safelite Auto Glass - Auto Glass Repair

A severely deteriorated windshield is a major inconvenience that should be addressed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, in most cases, it is very difficult to find a reliable technician who could solve your problem in the blink of an eye and provide spectacular results and solid guarantees. Safelite Auto Glass® is one exception that you may want to consider.

Experts Who Are Always Ready to Respond to Your Emergency Situation

A broken windshield could stop you from going on that extremely important business trip. It could make you postpone your plans and trigger a lot of frustration and considerable financial losses.

This is precisely why you need to fix or replace your damaged windshield, as soon as possible. The experts from Safelite Auto Glass® are always ready and eager to lend a helping hand by ensuring timely glass repair and replacement services when you need them the most.

Mobile Service Keep You Informed

Wouldn’t you like to find out everything there is to know about your technician (credentials, expertise, and competencies) before meeting him/her? The Technician Profile Email feature keeps you informed and allows you to rest at ease, knowing that your car is in good hands.

Innovative Windshield Replacement

Due to a revolutionary windshield replacement system (entitled TrueSeal), Safelite Auto Glass attains a perfect seal and extraordinary results that stand the test of time.

High-Quality Repairs

Why waste money on a new windshield, when you can easily fix the old one? GlassHealer is a highly beneficial resin designed to penetrate even the tiniest cracks and lead to longer-lasting repairs that never let you down.

Decades of Expertise and a Lifetime Guarantee

Safelite Auto Glass has been a leading company in its line of work for more than six decades. It offers a lifetime guarantee for its services and knows how to keep its clients satisfied in the long term.

Rely on an Expert Opinion

Should you replace or fix your damaged windshield? Are the services provided by Safelite Auto Glass truly the right option for you? Get the best answers to these questions by consulting an auto glass repair expert. Find the best ones in your area with TalkLocal, a free service created to help you track professionals in your area.