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Snowzilla and the TalkLocal Knights

Sunday, February 28th, 2016


(This story is for National Tell a Fairy Tale Day. We hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to tell some fairy tales of your own.)

By Krystal Moore

Once upon a time, in a land not-so-far away, the good people of Homeville were enjoying their winter. It had been a strange one. Rather than the usual frostbiting wind that forced the people to wear heavy coats, the weather had been rather warm. While it was a concern for some, many people took the warmth for what it was – a chance to be outside and enjoy themselves. Certainly things would be well this winter.

But then…it came.

Without warning, the people awoke to a fearsome roar. Gazing through their frosted windows, they all watched in horror as a grand, bone-chilling beast came through the city. The monster roared thunderously as it stormed through the city, covering all in its path in a mass of snow and ice.

It was a beast that none believed they would see for another year. A monster that no one could defeat and all feared.

It was…the dreaded Snowzilla!

As people ran to their homes, seeking shelter, Snowzilla ravaged the city, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake. The monster’s rampage was swift but brutal. In a mere day, it had managed to uproot the lives of all the people before leaving to spread chaos elsewhere.

While the people were glad that Snowzilla had gone, it didn’t change the fact that they were still left with its aftermath. Many people were trapped in their homes, and while they were able to ask for help, it still seemed too much to handle.

Who would be able to save these poor people from the dread that Snowzilla had brought upon them?

Just as all seemed lost, there was the sound of fanfare. People who were capable left their home as they saw a crowd of knights coming forward on their fearsome steeds.

The people stared in awe as all of the knights stopped in front of them. Who were they? What did they want?

One knight stood in front of the others, their powerful voice booming over the crowd. “Good people! We understand that Snowzilla has rampaged through your great city! Fear not!” The knight raised their shield, manifesting their kingdom’s crest for all to see. “We are knights from the kingdom of TalkLocal! We are here to assist you!”

No one dared to move. They had never heard of this kingdom and now that it had come right after Snowzilla’s rampage, what were they meant to think?

The knights simply stood there, waiting for someone to come forth first. You see, they would not make the first move. Although sent to Homeville to help the people of the village, the knights could not act without the direct request of each individual. Thus, they waited, giving the people time to see that they were interested in assisting them.

After what seemed like an eternity, an older man came forth. He shuffled slowly towards the knights, using a cane to help support himself.

His voice was low but he spoke clearly, “Good knights, I am capable of walking from my home but there is still treacherous snow in my driveway. I am unable to remove it on my own. Can you assist me?”

One knight came forward, helmet covering his eyes but not hiding the large smile he had as he rode towards the man. “Good sir, I shall assist you. Please return to your home and leave this concern to me.”

“Oh, thank you so much, gracious knight.”

When the old man was finished, a younger woman came forward, a bit hesitant as she asked, “Snowzilla destroyed my pipes. Froze them over until they burst. What am I meant to do?”

Another knight came forward, holding a pipe in her hand as she smiled. “Worry not, ma’am. I shall return your plumbing to its former glory.”

Slowly but surely, more people came forward, each with a concern that needed to be addressed, and with each person, there was a knight who was able to solve their problem. With enough time, the knights of TalkLocal had assisted the people until they were able to resume their normal lives.

“Let’s give thanks to the great knights!”

“Cheers for the grand kingdom of TalkLocal!”

“TalkLocal! TalkLocal! TalkLocal!”

The first knight stepped forward once again, raising their hand and the people went quiet. “Good people! We’re glad we could assist you! Unfortunately, the horrible Snowzilla has spread more chaos, and we must go and assist its other victims But always remember,  if you ever require our assistance again…” All of the knights raised their shields, the pride of their kingdom a beacon of hope. “…TalkLocal will be here!”

And with that, the knights rode off towards their next quest, the cheers of the people  sending them off.

The End