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Trash Burning Barrels DIY Guide

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Trash Burning Barrels DIY Guide - Garbage Removal

Sometimes, we all have trash that we need to dispose of, but there’s not always an available place to take it. That’s where trash burning barrels can come in handy. Burn barrels are made specifically to destroy trash safely and securely. Trash burning barrels are popular in the countryside where trash collections don’t happen so frequently.

While a lot of people complain about the smoke and smell of burn barrels, they do have some benefits. At the very least, trash burning barrels can bring down the cost of removing your garbage. Of course, not everything can be destroyed in a burn barrel. Old furniture can’t be burned in one, for instance.

To make your own trash burning barrel you will need:

– A 55-gallon drum made of steel that has one open end

– A power drill for making holes

– Two concrete blocks

– Metal fencing to cover the barrel

1. Drill three or four holes in the bottom of your drum to let any rain water pass through.

2. On the sides of your drum, drill some more holes (less than 20). Be careful not to drill too many holes on your barrel or it will become weak and rust quickly. Additionally, do not burn aerosol cans in the barrel; it can explode if you burn aerosol products inside.

3. Place the barrel, open end up, on top of the blocks. Make sure that the holes on the bottom of the barrel are not obstructed, because you need some airflow.

4. When burning things inside the barrel, use the metal fencing to cover it. This will limit the ashes and other debris escaping from the barrel.

5. When not in use, cover the barrel with a waterproof cover so any trash you have inside will still dry.

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