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5 Ways to Honor Local Veterans on Veterans Day

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015


While the Christmas fanatics often forget that there are even holidays during the month of November, there is another holiday that we foodies tend to forget even as we reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. Veterans Day is November 11th and it’s a great time to show some pre-Thanksgiving gratitude to those brave men and women who may not be our near and dear, but who’ve risked their lives and made sacrifices to protect our way of life. So, before you stuff and carve that turkey, here are five ways you can honor those who have fought for our country:

Visit: Whether your local veteran is in a retirement home or the house next door, you can put on your Sunday best and brighten their day with your smile. If you do not have a local veteran, visit the closest memorial and give a big thanks to all.

Help: Many veterans are unable to do certain tasks around their home. That’s when a young, able-bodied person (such as yourself) comes in handy. Go give them a hand with whatever chores they may need; fall has arrived and those leaves aren’t going to rake themselves.

Welcome: You know what everyone loves about November? Food and it’s always nice to share the food with others (because you never finish it all in one day). So, you can invite a local veteran to your home for Thanksgiving dinner, and then let them take a big plate back with them.

Listen: Veterans have a lot of stories to tell but there aren’t too many to tell them to. Be one of the people who hears them out and listens to whatever amazing story they have to share. A listening ear is sometimes the best thing.

Give: Whether you’re donating money, supplies or time, it’s always nice to give something to help those who need it. With the cold season here/approaching/near, how about providing some warm clothes or taking time to help build homes for veterans.

And those are just a handful of ways you can honor and say thank you to those who have served. Visit for even more Veterans Day ideas. For those of you who have served, we thank you for your service.

Happy Veterans Day from TalkLocal!