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What Does a Tailor Do?

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

What Does a Tailor Do? - Tailors

Are you looking for the services of a tailor? Or are you planning to become one? Either way, you would want to know exactly what does a tailor do. Generally, here are the things that are part of a tailor’s job:

– Taking their client’s measurements to ensure the proper fit of clothing

– Measuring and cutting the fabric following a pattern and/or design

– Marking garments to indicate the necessary alterations to be made

– Opening seams carefully to hem a garment and perform other alterations

– Sewing garments either by using a sewing machine or by hand with a needle and thread

– Fitting clothes on clients to check if any alterations are needed


There are tailors who specialize in certain services such as alterations. A tailor who specializes in alterations makes sure that a client’s clothes fit properly. What does tailor do to ensure a proper fit? A few or several changes to the garment may be done by a tailor to alter a piece of garment. A tailor can hem a pair of pants to shorten the legs or take in the seams to make a garment smaller.

A tailor can also specialize in making only certain types of garment, for example, bridal wear. Others may specialize in working with a specific material, like fur. A fur tailor may update the style of any older fur garment, add a fur detail to a dress or coat, or hand-sew garment linings to the inside of a fur skin.

There are also tailors who specialize in making custom clothes. What does this tailor do? A tailor whose specialty is custom-made garments may work with a customer or a designer in creating a new garment. When tailors take an order from a customer, they will also assist in choosing the fabric, color, and style. If they collaborate with a designer, they will take the designs and turn them into final pieces of clothing. For instance, couture dressmakers work with fashion designers to make exclusive custom clothes.

How to Become a Tailor

You can take tailoring classes where you’ll learn sewing and making clothes alterations. Some tailors start as apprentices, being hired and trained by an experienced tailor. However, most of these arrangements are informal since formal tailoring apprenticeships are not common. The most common way to become a tailor is by working in a tailor shop where you’ll get hands-on training.

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