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Wood Chopping Safety

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Wood Chopping Safety - Tree Removal

You may chop wood for a variety of reasons. Maybe you use it to heat your home or your need to find a use for a fallen tree. Regardless of why you chop wood, you need to make sure you utilize proper wood chopping safety methods. These safety tips will help protect you and ensure your safety while chopping all types of wood.

Wear proper protection: Always make sure you are wearing safety boots, gloves, and glasses at all times. The boots will protect your feet if you would accidentally strike them with the axe, and the gloves will protect your hands from splinters and cuts. The safety goggles will protect your eyes from any debris or splinters that may fly through the air while the wood is being chopped.

Store your axe properly: Keep your axe in the sheath any time you are not using it. You should not carry the axe without the sheath or set it down on the ground when you are not using it. The sheath is meant to act as a barrier between you and the axe and will protect you from cutting yourself or someone else accidentally.

Take the proper stance: Make sure your feet are planted before you swing the axe. If you lose your balance you could accidentally fall backwards or forwards on the axe and cut yourself severely. If you want to follow all of the necessary wood shopping safety rules, you have to be aware of your surroundings. Never swing an axe when other people are nearby and always make sure the area is clear before you swing.

Set the wood on an appropriate surface: Only chop wood on stable surfaces. You do not want your logs or wood rolling and moving around while you are trying to chop them. If the wood moves, you could miss and accidentally cut your foot.

Be Careful Or Get Some Help!

These wood chopping safety tips will protect you and those around you from injuries. Before you start chopping wood, make sure you take every precaution. A tree removal service or a handyman may be able to chop the wood for you You can find someone in your area to help by using TalkLocal. No matter how hard it might seem to find a specific professional, we make the process seamless and easy.