Buying an Air Conditioning Unit

Buying an Air Conditioning Unit Heating & Cooling

Effectively cooling your home in the summer months does not necessarily mean the purchasing a fancy central air system.  In fact, window air conditioners are still quite popular and can do the trick for many homes.  As with all household purchases, however, there a few important things to consider when choosing between units.  Here you will find some factors to keep in mind when buying an air conditioning unit as you attempt to beat the heat.

Every purchase of a window air conditioner should begin with a review of the room you intend to cool.  The first factor is size: you want to find the best match possible between the room’s square footage and the machine’s power.  Shopping online is a great way to research this, as there are several online calculators that will translate the area of your room into the most efficient size of air conditioning unit.

Another factor to consider is the function of the area you are trying to regulate.  Rooms that produce more heat or humidity due to their activities (kitchens, laundry or computer rooms) will require a larger unit for the most effective cooling.  The same is true for rooms that are frequently inhabited by more than two or three people (e.g., dens, game rooms).  A machine of higher strength is needed to keep these rooms at a comfortable temperature.

You should also consider the location of the window you will be cooling from.  You want the airflow to point toward the center of the room, as this will maximize the circulation of cool air.  However, not all windows are perfectly located at the center.  Therefore, make sure the unit you choose is able to direct air in the proper direction.  There is no use in purchasing a machine that will only cool one side of the room.

After reviewing the room where your air conditioner will be, another relevant thing to consider is noise level.  Some large air conditioners operate quite loudly, and this can be irritating both inside and outside the house.  Make sure you are aware of how the machine will sound once it is installed in your home.

One mistake many people make with window air conditioners is purchasing one large unit for the entire house.  The machine itself will be extremely pricey–not to mention the cooling costs–and one large unit will fail to evenly cool your home.  A better idea is to purchase several smaller units for rooms with the most traffic in your home.  This will distribute cool air throughout the house at a lower cost.  You can also add a few simple standing fans throughout your home to maximize circulation of cool air.

If you are looking for a place to purchase an air conditioning unit or have more questions about the best way to cool your home, local heating and cooling professionals can help.  Use TalkLocal to quickly and easily get in touch with a company to meet your needs!

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