8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office — Meet Josh!

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office -- Meet Josh! - Seva Team

Written by Jaime Fawcett

Welcome back to the second installment of the 8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office series, following 8 of Seva Call’s interns this summer. This is a Josh.

He’s a cool guy. He goes to University of Pennsylvania and is currently working on his BS in this really long and complicated field of study called Biological Bases of Behavior (BBB as he says), which is basically just neuroscience.

He also sings!

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office -- Meet Josh - Seva Team


8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office -- Meet Josh - Seva Team

His a capella group is called the Keynotes. And they look like a pretty swanky group of people. Just look at that pose Josh is striking. Such swagger.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office -- Meet Josh - Seva Team

So let’s get down to the hard hitting facts.

You’re a third year at UPenn, but already 21. Why are you so old?

I took a gap year after my freshman year to find myself. I’m also just an old soul. What’s that song? “I once was lost but now am found.” Kind of like that.

What did you do while discovering yourself?

I did research and wrote a paper on cancer clusters, which are regions of America that have more cancer patients than other regions. It got published in an epidemiology journal and I think two people have read it maybe. I also did landscaping, but that’s not really the same thing.

Will you sing a serenade to Seva Call? In three part harmony?

No. It’s kind of hard to do 3 part harmony without two other people.

What is your current favorite/most played song?

That is such a difficult question. We’ll say “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix

Rochelle and I agree you have the silkiest sales voice in the office. Have you ever thought about dropping neurology to do sales? Or you know…anything else?

No, as much as I love working in sales, I’m gonna stick with the sciences.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office -- Meet Josh - Seva Team

So young, but so brilliant.

If the zombie apocalypse occurred and you had to bring 4 other Seva Call employees with you, who would it be and why?

Augie: For obvious reasons. He could probably kill a lot of zombies. Although, if he turned into a zombie we would probably be screwed.

Raj: Because he’s very uplifting. We would probably get depressed and he’d be there to tell us “good job”.

Jaime: (Huzzah!) We need someone to document our struggles and write the great zombie apocalypse memoir.

Zaneta: Because she’s resilient in ping pong. So, obviously she would be good at battling zombies.

You order Chipotle basically everyday. What do you get?

Burrito Bowl. Chicken. Black beans. Pinto Beans. Fajita Veggies. Lettuce. Cheese. EVERYTHING. Every kind of salsa. Corn…. Except Sour cream because that stuff is disgusting and doesn’t belong on any kind of food ever.

You’re like the Cedric Diggory of the office. Are you a Hufflepuff?

I don’t think I’m a Hufflepuff….I’m a Slytherin. I’m the Crabbe of the office.

How did we grow up 4 blocks away from each other in Catonsville and never meet?

That is an excellent question. I don’t know anyone from Catonsville. I grew up and spent all my time in Towson. And I’m a recluse.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office -- Meet Josh - Seva Team

Where is your ideal place to live?

Guatemala. Or any place with a beach. Where I can listen to the waves.

Any special talents? Can you lick your elbow?

I’ve got extreme hitchhikers thumb.

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office -- Meet Josh - Seva Team

Favorite thing about Seva Call?

Freedom. We have a lot of leeway as interns. Even though we all just started this summer, we get a lot of responsibility and really help build the company and get to make and implement our own ideas.

Well, thanks Josh! Keep singing. I enjoy listening to you sing to the radio when we carpool to work. You will sing for the office one day…

8 Interns : 2 Months : 1 Office -- Meet Josh - Seva Team

Alright, Seva Callers, don’t forget to check out and learn more about the rest of the Seva Team and to check us out on Facebook. See you next time to meet Michael, who is causing a stir with a certain office sport.

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