How to Ice the Driveway Before a Snow Storm

How to Ice the Driveway Before a Snow Storm Snow Removal

Removing snow or ice from your driveway is a labor-intensive process in cold, wet conditions. Putting off snow removal can lead to a dangerous and slippery driveway. You can get a head start by pre-treating your driveway with a de-icing agent to prevent snow from freezing immediately when it hits the ground. Anti-icing materials lower the freezing point of snow and sleet, which will make it easier for you to clear out your driveway before the heavy snow freezes. Learn how to ice the driveway before a snow storm with the simple steps provided below.


You can make your own de-icing solution by dissolving de-icing salts in warm water. Some examples of de-icing salts include rock salt and urea salt. Urea can also be used as a natural fertilizer; it melts ice in temperatures over 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Some other deicing agents include sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. These work in temperatures above 12 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit and are available as liquid solutions, or you can mix them with warm water yourself. Calcium chloride works down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is more expensive than the other agents.


Creating and applying de-icing agents to a driveway before it snows is relatively simple. Wait to dissolve the agent in warm water until about two hours before the projected snowfall. Pour your solution into a spray bottle or canister. Start at the garage end of your driveway and spray the solution over the entire surface, adding an extra coat at the street end of the driveway. The liquid will dry on the pavement and remain there until you start shoveling.

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