Using Salt In The Garden

Using Salt In The Garden - Landscapers

Are you looking to fertilize your garden but want to shy away from the harsh chemicals of traditional fertilizers? Using salt in the garden might be your answer.

What Epsom Salt Can Do For Your Garden

Using Epson salt — which is salt in its natural mineral form — is a practice which has been utilized by organic gardeners for a long time. Epsom salt is rich in both Magnesium and Sulfate. These are two minerals that plants and some flowers can put to good use, making for thriving, lush, green plants in the garden. Magnesium is key in seed germination and plays a role in photosynthesis. Sulfate is also important in the production of chlorophyll.

Adding Epsom salt is important, because these minerals are not always naturally found in the soil at sufficient levels.

Applying Epsom Salt To Potted Plants

While expert plant growers continue to debate on whether salt really aids the growth of plants, adding salt to a garden or potted plants is easy and certainly will not present any negative side effects.

You can add salt to potted plants to help them grow better. To apply salt to potted plants:

1. Dissolve two tablespoons of Epsom salt for every gallon of water.

2. Put this water/salt solution in a watering can.

3. Pour the water on the potted plants. Water your plants with this mixture for about a month to give them a chance to absorb the water and minerals of the Epsom salt.

Using Salt to Plant Plants In A Garden

Using salt in the garden when you first plant your plants is ideal. The salt can be most effective when the plant is in its early stages. To do this, simply spread around 1 cup of Epsom salt per 100 square feet of soil. This is done before you install any of your plants. Work the salt into the soil and then place the plants. This will hopefully help young plants and germinate seeds.

Finding Help In The Garden

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