Check Engine Light Flashing Before Starting

Check Engine Light Flashing Before Starting Auto Repair

Check Engine Light Flashing Before Starting

One of the scariest moments is when the Check Engine Light, or CEL, comes on when driving. But what if CEL starts flashing before the engine has even been turned on? CEL is nothing to be “light” about. CEL checks the car engine and informs the driver of problems in the engine. If the CEL comes on before starting the car it’s usually nothing major.  This article will explain what to do when check engine light flashing before starting the car.

CEL On Before Starting

If the CEL is on before turning the key, relax. When the CEL is flashing when the key in and the engine is off, the emission test is running. The emission test is to check the emission control system to reduce the amount of pollution from the CEL. Emission test reads by an oxygen sensor. The sensor reads the air and fuel mixture. You should only worry about it if the engine is running.

CEL during Driving

If the CEL is on when driving, pull over immediately and begin to inspect:

Misfire — A flashing light mean there has been a misfire in the engine which can cause damage to your expensive catalytic converter.  If this is the problem, stop driving and call a car mechanic.

Gas Cap — For a loose gas cap, the CEL is on, but not flashing. Tighten the gas cap and check if the CEL has turned off.

Spark Plugs — If the CEL did not turn on, check the spark plugs. Spark plugs can deteriorate over time and become dangerous. Check the spark plugs if there are any deterioration. If so, replace the spark plug. If the CEL is still on, go to a car mechanic.

If the CEL is red, immediately go to a car mechanic to get a diagnosis. To find car mechanics, use TalkLocal. TalkLocal can connect you to with the high quality mechanics in your area in minutes.

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  1. Elaina Wheeler says:

    Before I start my 1988chevy suburban 1/2 ton 4×4 the check engine light flashes once then stays on but once it’s completely started it turns off but will come back on after driving for about 45 minutes when it comes on it boggs down

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