When Your Car Needs Smog Checks And Repairs

When Your Car Needs Smog Checks And Repairs - Auto Repair

Have you ever seen a car careening down the highway with a thick cloud of smoke behind it? Perhaps that driver should have been more conscious of when your car needs smog checks and repairs.

When vehicles get older or are not functioning correctly in general, they can release toxic smog into the air, which is a major hazard. This hazard is so severe that some states have penned laws which govern in what scenarios drivers should be subjected to smog checks and repairs.

What Is A Smog Check?

During a smog check, your vehicle is hooked up to equipment in order to monitor your exhaust. The technology identifies which pollutants are in your exhaust and in what volume. If the exhaust is especially potent or hazardous, repairs are likely necessary.

How Often Should I Get A Smog Check?

Every other year should be sufficient for smog checks. However, if your vehicle is less than five or six years old, you probably do not have to take it in for a smog check quite yet.

As vehicles get older, it is important to make sure that the vehicle’s exhaust complies with local smog emission sanctions.

When Else Should I Get A Smog Check

Buying or selling a vehicle could serve as the perfect time to notice when your car needs smog checks and repairs. This is just another way of inspecting the vehicle to make sure it is in healthy, running condition.

Smog checks do help decrease pollutants, but even if you do not care about your carbon footprint, smog checks and repairs help identify issues and prolong the life of your vehicle.

Know Your State’s Laws

It is important to familiarize yourself with the emission laws in your state. Otherwise, you will have no idea whether you are complying with them or not.

Need A Mechanic?

Use TalkLocal to find a mechanic who can run a smog check. When submitting your request, indicate you are looking for a smog check, and we will find professionals that offer this service and connect you with them directly. You won’t have to waste time talking to someone who can’t help you.

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