What is Disk Defragmentation Used For

What is Disk Defragmentation Used For Computer Repair

So what is disk defragmentation used for?  Disk defragmentation is for Windows only and it is supposed to help speed up your computer. When hard drives get old and filled with files, the files become fragmented. Deleted files are also scattered and take up space in an inefficient way. When new files are stored, they must fill the space around these fragments. As you can see, the files become scrambled and harder to access. The computer tends to get slower because it must search for files in many locations. A disk defragmentation rearranges and consolidates your files so that they can be located easier, making your computer run more efficiently. Disk Defragmenter is a tool in Windows that performs this task; it runs on a regular schedule and automatically keeps your computer files organized, though you can also make manual adjustments.

Is disk defragmentation necessary?

Disk defragmentation is not required, though it can help your computer run faster. Disk defragmentation rarely occurs today because newer operating systems do not need to be defragmented. Disk storage capacity and speed has increased substantially so the advantages of a defragmentation don’t offer much of an incentive.

Necessity also depends on the age of your computer. If you have an older Windows computer, then you can perform a disk defragmentation, but this process can only do so much to speed up an old system. There is almost no need for manual defragmentation because most tools have an automatic setting. Unless your computer is in an extreme condition, the automatic setting should be enough to maintain the good state of your files.

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