Understanding the Different Types of Cloud Data Storage

Understanding the Different Types of Cloud Data Storage - Computer Repair

Cloud data storage allows companies and people to back up and store all of their information on a Web-based interface through which it can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection. Today, there are many different types of cloud data storage providers you can choose from. There are paid as well as free services, and knowing which to choose can be an important decision.

What Are the Types of Cloud Data Storage?

There are three basic types of cloud data storage: personal, public, and hybrid cloud storage. Some of the most popular names you frequently hear when it comes to cloud storage are Dropbox, Google Drive, FolderShare, Huddle, and of course, Apple iCloud. These are all fairly successful and big names, and to choose your preferred provider out of these can be a little tricky.

Comparing the Different Types of Cloud Data Storage

If you are wondering how you can measure the efficiency and reliability of a cloud data storage provider, there are a few key parameters you can judge them on. Storage space is undoubtedly the most important factor here, followed by the kind of supporting platforms available, security, supported file types, and file upload limit. For your convenience, we have listed the comparisons of some of the key players in the cloud data storage world.

Google Drive

It is one of the most commonly used Data storage services, providing 5 GB storage and supporting Windows, Android, Mac OS, and iOS. It is an extremely secure service with two-step verification and supports the widest range of file types, from Adobe Illustrator to video and image files.


Dropbox provides 2 GB of storage and supports all of the major operating systems, including Linux and Blackberry in addition to Windows, Android, and iOS. It supports most of the crucial file types, though not all, and offers 2-step verification as well as a passcode for security.

Apple iCloud

Extremely popular among most Apple users, iCloud backs up all of the data on your Mac OS and iOS devices, allowing you to synchronize a great deal of data. However, it still remains more of an app and doesn’t let you upload certain kinds of files.


FolderShare is a service that allows you to sync files and information between multiple devices. So a file that you created on the computer in your office can easily be viewed on your notebook at home. You could make changes to the file from anywhere. You are, of course, going to need an Internet connection to have your files and view them on different devices.


Huddle is a content management software that is extremely secure and increasingly used by many different companies and businesses. It provides a great way to manage teams and tasks. It also syncs documents and files across the network, allowing you to access them from anywhere.

The Verdict

You must make sure you have a clear idea of exactly what you need from one of the different types of cloud data storage. Based on your needs, you can choose the service you’d like to use.

Need Help with Data Storage?

If you are still feeling confused about whom to choose or wish to know more about how to get started using data storage, simply get in touch with us at TalkLocal. We will help you find the best professional out there who can answer all of your questions and set you up on a cloud storage within no time.

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