How to Take Care of Trees after Storm

How to Take Care of Trees after Storm Tree Removal

So you might have just experienced a big storm and there are a lot of trees that have fallen.  This article will explain how to take care of trees after storm.  Trees have to withstand high velocity winds and rains during a storm, which can damage the tree’s structure to the point where it’s unable to recover. However, trees are resilient, and many are able to recover from the effects of a storm. So how do you tell the difference between a tree that’s beyond recovery and one that can still be saved? Here are some basic points to consider when you’re deciding to trash or save that favorite tree.

The tree cannot be saved if:

– more than 50% of the crown (the branches and leaves) of the tree is gone.

– the tree is split down the trunk.

– the tree is leaning over with its roots unearthed.

If the tree adds significant value to your property, then it’s probably a good idea to keep it for now and assess the damage later, unless it poses as a danger or is close to collapsing. Remember that in cases where the tree is not dangerous to your property and people, you’ll always have time to decide if you want to take it down later.

Important: NEVER top your tree! Topping your tree involves cutting the top of the tree, which includes the main trunk. It makes your tree much weaker and more susceptible to damage in the next storm.

The tree has a good chance of living if most of the branches lost were small branches, and not main ones. If you do decide to save your tree, pruning is advised to get rid of damaged branches. If a branch is ripping form the tree, always cut at the base of the rip, where the bark is hanging off the main tree. Don’t use chainsaws unless you have been trained or are experienced in using them, as they could be extremely dangerous! You may want to hire a professional arborist to assess the situation, but don’t accept offers from people who go from door to door after a major storm since they’re often unreliable. Instead, you can rest assured that you will find a reliable arborist using TalkLocal, as they only contact quality tree removal professionals in their database. TalkLocal chooses local professionals based on social reputation, online ratings and reviews, and call analytics so you know you are getting the best in your area.

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