Installing Bigger Windows in Basement

Installing Bigger Windows in Basement Window Replacement

Basement windows can often be dull and unappealing.  Fortunately, this is a problem that can be fixed with the help of a professional.  Read on for tips to remember when installing bigger windows in basement.


–  Measuring tape

–  Masking tape

–  Shovel

–  Hammer drill with 12-inch masonry drill

–  14-inch concrete saw with a diamond blade.

–  Header beam (if making a big window)

–  Egress window.  Must have at least 5.7 square feet of opening space with minimum measurements of 20 inches wide and 24 inches high.  The window cannot be more than 44 inches from the floor.

–  2-by-10-foot pressure-treated board

–  Tarp

–  Hammer

–  Concrete screws

–  Caulk and caulking gun


1.  If there not enough space to install the exterior egress window, dig a hole in where the window is going to be installed.  The hole should be 6 inches deeper than the window’s bottom and about 48 inches square.

2.  Use masking tape to position the required opening for the window for both the exterior and interior.  Add 2 to 3 inches to the windows size for installing a header beam, rough wood frame-in, and little room for a play in placement.

3.  Tarp and tape off the interior work area to prevent the dust from traveling throughout the basement and into your home.

4.  Find the center in the bottom line of your tape and drill a pilot hole.

5.  Cut around the perimeter of the window opening with the 14-inch concrete saw.  Starting at the bottom corner, cut a ½ inch deep cut through the concrete block and repeat to get a depth of 1 inch.  (It is recommended having a professional do this if your basement has a poured concrete wall.)

6.  Repeat the cutting process with the exterior portion of the wall.  Continue to saw around the area until the rectangular shape has been formed.

7.  Knock out the concrete between the cut line with a hammer.

8.  Cut the board with equal thickness to the hole and create a box to fit inside the hole.

9.  Apply adhesive tape and fit the box inside the hole.

10.  Drill a concrete screw into the box to attach it to the opening.

11.  Fold the metallic edges out and apply caulk with a caulking gun around the inside edge of the box.

12.  Place and level the window inside the box.

13.  Hammer the mounting screw into the metallic side of the window.

14.  Mortar the concrete blocks surrounding the box.

15.  Hammer around the side of the windows and add caulk around the trim. Remember to have safety glasses, gloves and masks.

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