How To Fix A Snow Shovel

How To Fix A Snow Shovel - Snow Removal

Winter can be a wonderful time filled with fun activities out in the snow. Unfortunately, none of that is possible if you can’t get in or out of your own driveway. Luckily, you have your snow shovel, but if you invested in a cheap one, you may be wondering how to fix a snow shovel. Investing in a quality snow shovel can really save your health, but if you aren’t ready to throw the old one out, here is a method for fixing it.

How to Fix A Snow Shovel

1. The scoop is the portion of the shovel that breaks most often. As long as your handle is intact, you’re still in good shape.

2. You’ll need to gather a few things: medium-sized piece of scrap metal, vice grips, hammer, clamp, drill and bit, hollow metal pipe (about two feet long), and bolts.

3. Using the vice grips, fold three of the four edges of the scrap metal about an inch back. Use the hammer to pound them flat. This will not only smooth out the edges but will also strengthen the scoop.

4. Use the pipe and hammer to shape the scoop. This method will both create a smooth slot to attach your handle holder (the pipe) and help you to achieve the roundness you want. Use your previous scoop as a guide for your shape. Once finished, flatten out the bottom portion that was shaped by your pipe.

5. Use the clamp to place the pipe in the groove you created in your scoop. It may help to flatten one end of the pipe with your hammer to create a smooth finish.

6. Insert your old wooden handle into the pipe.

7. Use the drill and bit to drill pilot holes for your bolts.

8. Use the bolts to secure the three pieces together, and your shovel is finished!

Not everyone has spare pieces of metal lying around or even the tools to complete this job. If you aren’t in an emergency situation, you may prefer buying a new shovel. Or, to spare the wear and tear on your body, a snow blower may be more your style.

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