Car Shakes when I Brake at High Speeds

Car Shakes when I Brake at High Speeds Auto Repair

Car shakes when I brake at high speeds

So you’re going for a joy ride and suddenly your car shakes when you hit the brakes.  You are wondering, why the car shakes when I brake at high speeds?  If your car shakes when you brake at a high speed, or just when you drive at a high speed in general, it usually means that your car alignment is off.  Although car services offer to check the entire car alignment for you, the process is made much faster and cheaper if you actually know the specific component that is causing the problem.

Specific aspects to car alignment

Your tires are the four points at which your car touches the ground.  Needless to say, a problem with a tire will upset the balance of the car, possibly causing the car to shake at high speeds.  Check your tires for the correct balance, weight, wear and tear, and broken belts before you start look at the other places of your car.

If there is a problem with your tire and the problem is fixed by simply replacing the tire, you’re in luck – there is probably nothing else wrong with your car.  However, if the problem persists even after replacing the tire, there may be a chance that a wrong alignment is the source of the problem and it is the reason your tires may be damaged.

Problems with brake pads

Shaking of the car exclusive to braking at high speeds would probably mean that your break pads have worn out, or that your rotors are in a bad shape (warped).  An unevenness in the rotor will shake your car when the brake pad tries to slam down on it.

Worn brake pads, obviously, have the same effect – the problem is that the rotor itself may become damaged from a prolonged use of worn break pads.  The faster you identify this problem, the less damage will happen to your car.  Do not let it go unnoticed for too long.

More advice

Because a small problem (worn out break pads, unbalanced tires) can turn into a bigger problem (warped rotors, shifted alignment) with time, cars need scheduled checkups.  If you have been experiencing this problem for a long time, bring your car to a professional for a full checkup to avoid problems in the future.

TalkLocal can help you find the correct local professionals for your problem, saving you time and energy in what may be a stressful situation.

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  1. Dum says:

    I’m with Cowboy Bill on this one They’re awful. The auto gearbox is hopeelss, the engine is pitiful, the handling borders on frightening, there’s only 2 seats and practically no boot space.Plus, they were designed to be parked head-on to the kerb, so you could get them in a small space but I’ve not once seen one that hasn’t been occupying an entire parking space to itself ..

  2. Charles mulama says:

    Thanks for the information .However I still need the guide.Thanks.

  3. Denniz says:

    Thanks for the info. By the way, i have changed tyre, rotor and of course brake pad too but at high speed of (110km), steering and car body vibrates when brakes. I am not sure where went wrong, could you please advise on this.

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