Brakes Don’t Work When The Car Is Cold

Brakes Don't Work When Car Is The Cold - Auto Repair

Like every other part of your car, brakes have an optimal temperature range for functioning. This range is usually wide enough to ensure that your car does not break down due to temperature, but sometimes, extreme temperatures can cause failures in your car’s brakes. If your brakes don’t work when the car is cold, you will want to diagnose the issue as soon as possible to ensure your own safety and the safety of other drivers.

Why Your Brakes Don’t Work When The Car Is Cold

Brakes produce frictional heat when squeezing the brake pads against the brake rotor, allowing the car to stop. When the temperature is too low, your brakes won’t be able to conduct enough frictional heat to stop. However, there are steps you can take to prevent this from happening. If your car is used in an area that regularly sees very low temperatures, consider purchasing a brake pad that has an operating range that allows for braking in lower temperatures. Ideally, this pad should be used during the winter while the already-installed brake pad should be used during the summer.

Alternatively, if you run into this problem while driving, try riding your brakes for roughly one thousand feet before you want to stop to create more frictional energy and help your brakes work. If your brakes require this sort of management, get them replaced immediately to ensure you don’t put your safety or the safety of others at risk.

Find A Mechanic

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