What Questions to Ask a Lawyer about Divorce

What Questions to Ask a Lawyer about Divorce Lawyers - Family

Filing for divorce can be a tumultuous, tedious and stressful process.  Finding the right divorce lawyer is one of the first steps.  Then you should figure out what questions to ask a lawyer about divorce.

Hopefully you find an attorney who is experienced in family law, especially with divorces.  You should prepare questions not only about the divorce process, but also what to expect after a divorce is finalized.  Here’s a short list of some important divorce questions to explore:

– How experienced are you in divorce cases? How many cases have you handled, and of those that went to court, how many cases did you win?

– What steps are involved in the process of filing for divorce?

– What will we be charged for the divorce process?

– How long will this process take?

– How often will we be meeting up? And, will most contact be through e-mail, phone, or in-person meetings?

– Other than charges for hiring you, are there other fees I should expect?

– How do you expect the judge would rule our case?

These are only some general questions that you may want to ask to your divorce attorney.  There are many other topics and issues you may be unsure of.  Take a look at this divorce support article for additional questions to be prepared with before meeting your attorney.

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  1. Cheshire Family Law says:

    Divorce can be a difficult process thats why it is important to hire a true professional to handle your case.

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