What Does A Paralegal Do?

What Does A Paralegal Do? - Lawyers - Family

If you want a career in law but don’t want to be an attorney, you may want to consider becoming a paralegal. Paralegals work closely with attorneys to help win cases. If this sounds interesting, you may be wondering: What does a paralegal do? Read on to find out what types of duties and jobs you could be doing if you become a paralegal.


One of the most helpful things that a paralegal does is help the attorney prepare for a trial — whether it be over a contentious divorce or other civil matter. This can include a number of tasks, such as pulling files and statements, contacting those involved in the trial, and even brainstorming with the attorney. A paralegal is also in charge of arranging meetings between attorneys, as well as interviews with witnesses and others involved in the case.


Attorneys can be very busy, and they often don’t have time to keep their desks and work areas organized. Paralegals help attorneys by organizing their desks, offices, and even briefcases so they have everything they need when they go to trial. They can even help keep a schedule and remind the attorney about important events, meetings, and trial dates. Staying organized is one of the most important skills a paralegal can have. If the attorney would happen to lose a statement or evidence, the entire case could be at stake.


If you ask any paralegal: What does a paralegal do? — they will tell that they file, file, file. Paralegals deal with a lot of paperwork and are often in charge of making sure it is filed correctly. If you become a paralegal, you could find yourself in an office or file room for most of your day. You could also be responsible for filing papers and folders with other attorneys and offices.

Paralegals play an important role in trials and cases. If you have ever wondered “What does a paralegal do?” or thought about becoming one, make sure you do your research and are willing to put forth the time and energy it takes to become a good paralegal.

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