Moving with Plants

Moving with Plants Moving and Storage

Are you planning to move and wondering what you should do about moving your precious plants to your new home? How will you find a mover that will be willing to move your plants? Read on for tips on moving with plants.

Check State Laws

If you are moving to a new state, you need to check the laws for the state where the plants will be relocated. Some states, such as California, Florida, and Arizona, have laws against bringing certain plants across the border and guidelines for how to properly sterilize your plants before bringing them.

Transplant Plants in Plastic Containers

Clay and glass pots are fragile and you don’t want them to break during the move. Plastic containers are good temporary containers for transporting plants with breakable pots. Make sure to transplant your plant into a container of approximately the same size as the one your plant was previously in, as a change in pot size can be shocking for the plant.

Sterilize Your Plants Before Moving

Make sure to kill any bugs, mildew, and diseases that your plant may have before moving so you don’t transfer these things to your new home. Bug bombs, bug power, and pet flea collars can all be useful for sterilizing your plants. You can also research remedies for any specific problems that your plants may have. If you cannot cure something before moving day, leave that plant behind.

Prune Your Plants Before Moving

Prune your plants to keep them more compact for moving. Pruning will also make them more attractive looking. You can prune by pinching back newer growth with your thumb and forefinger. Remember not to prune succulents and ferns because they do not respond well.

Water Your Plants Normally Before Moving

Even if you anticipate warmer temperatures in the area you are moving to, you should still water your plants as you normally do. If you overwater your plants, they could contract a fungus (warm weather) or freeze (cold weather).

Find a Mover That Will Move Your Plants

Some movers may be unwilling to move your plants because they are perishable items–particularly if you are moving more than 150 miles–so you should make sure ahead of time that you find a mover who can accomodate your plants. With the help of TalkLocal, you can find local movers within minutes. TalkLocal matches you with movers who can meet your specific need, so you dont have to waste time finding help move your plants to your new home.

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