Moving into a New House: Home Moving Checklist

Moving again?  Moving is completely unavoidable most of the time, so let’s tackle this issue head on so you can reduce the pain when the big day comes around.

Moving into a New House: Home Moving Checklist - Moving and Storage

4 weeks before moving

First and foremost, book your mover, and start culling your unwanted items.

> Donate to charities, family, or friends. By doing so, you can potentially reduce your moving costs by not having to move these items.

> Start making notes of any furniture items that may need specialist moving requirements such as pianos, pool tables, and other unusually large or heavy items. When you’re shopping around for local moving companies, let them know about any large and heavy items.

> What furniture needs to fit into each space at your new destination? Measure the kitchen and other areas.

> Start consuming food stored in the freezer to minimize transferring excess food on moving day. Take note on used-by dates for opened food packets.

> Transfer the children’s schooling arrangements.

> Purchase packing materials and boxes. Try not to use newspaper for packing in case it soils or stains your items. Instead, use white paper. Start marking each box with its contents description and final room destination. Pack the heavier items in small boxes and lighter items in large boxes.

> Dismantle any non-essential furniture that comes apart, and place nuts and screws in a separate box or snap lock bag.

2 weeks before moving

> Contact utility companies and financial institutions, notifying them to transfer your contact details to your new address.

> Collect any items around the house you’ve borrowed such as videos, DVD’s, or library books and  return them.

> Make sure the new home has been fully cleaned prior to moving in, and arrange cleaning of the old home once you’ve left.

1 week before moving

> Put blankets, sheets, towels, and pillows aside so they can be used for the first night.

> Make a list to give to the removal crew outlining which items are to be placed in which room.

> Pack your plants into plastic-lined containers, but lightly water them first. If you own a lawn mower, don’t forget to drain the gas.

> Transfer or cancel any home delivery services such as newspaper and mail deliveries.

> Keep one box aside for essential items such as TV and stereo remotes, phone chargers and hand sets, keys, medications, special kids’ toys, toiletries, coffee, pajamas, pet food, etc.

> Book the locksmith in to coincide with moving day, so you can have the right keys immediately.

1 day before moving

> Arrange which boxes and items you’ll be transporting in your own vehicle. Defrost the fridge, empty, and clean it. Check with a council for garbage collection days.

Moving day

> Use a cooler for transporting perishable food items.

> Double-check that power, gas, and landline phones are disconnected. Check nothing has been left behind — double-check the insides of cupboards and on top. Check that utilities and hot water services have been reconnected at the new house.

Moving into a New House: Home Moving Checklist - Moving and Storage

Need Moving Help?

Remember, being organised to move house will make all the difference. You’ll worry less and will also get on top of things far quicker, so you and the family can settle into your new neighborhood.

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