Methods to Backup Pictures from iPhone to PC

Methods to Backup Pictures from iPhone to PC Computer Repair

iPhones and PC computers are notorious for their difficult compatibility, but it is possible to get the two to work together.   While it is much easier to sync an iPhone with a Mac computer, you can also backup to a PC.  Transfering pictures is as easy as plugging your phone into your computer with a Mac, but with a PC it takes a couple more steps.  Continue reading for some helpful methods to backup pictures from iPhone to PC.

Two options:

–  Manual

–  Automatic via iCloud

When attempting to backup the pictures you have on your iphone, you have two different options.  You can either manual do so by plugging in your phone, or you can rely on apple’s wireless backup system that is integrated into your phone.

Manual transfer

1)     Connect your iphone to your computer with the USB cable.

2)     Click import pictures and videos form the autoplay window or go to start, computer, right click on iphone icon, and click import.

3)     Enter a folder name where you want to save these pictures.

4)     Let them load completely onto your computer.

5)     View the pictures in the My Pictures section of your computer.

Using iCloud backup

1)     Make sure your computer and iphone are both on the wireless internet.

2)     Plug your phone in to charge next to your computer.

3)     The pictures should be transferred to your iCloud account wirelessly.

4)     Log into you account from your computer and view the pictures.

Note: you can log into your iCloud account to view the pictures from any computer as long as you have your apple ID and password.

If you have problems backing up pictures from your iphone to your PC computer you should seek professional help.  Use TalkLocal to be put in contact with reliable, local IT service companies.  Simply input your problem, location and availability, and within minutes you should be connected to someone who can help. 

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