Oil Furnace Replacement Options

Oil Furnace Replacement Options Heating and Cooling

A furnace is a device that heats your home. Having a heating device is very important to have in your house especially during the winter. Oil furnaces are a common residential heating option. They are filled with oil but do not actually burn any of it.  The devices are electrically powered and the oil is used as a buffer not fuel. Many older houses use traditional oil furnaces which work well but are outdated when compared to this ages’ technology. If you are looking for oil furnace replacement options, new systems have different ways to transfer heat and they are more efficient and require less repairs. Keep reading to learn more about your options.


1)   Waste Oil—If you want to be more environmentally friendly, then you should look into switching to a recycled oil furnace. These furnaces are called waste oil furnaces. They take the discarded machine oil from cars and factories and use them to heat your home. The oil does have some impurities but you can filter them out. If you don’t have access to any other types of fuel and want to help the environment, you should consider this option.

2)   Gas—Gas furnaces use natural gas to create heat for your house. It is an extremely efficient heater and one of the cheapest options you have. If there are already natural gas pipelines in your area, then getting a gas furnace is very easy and installation is a snap. If you live far from any natural gas grids you should choose to use a propane version instead.

3)   Electric Element—Electric furnaces produce heat by transforming electricity into warming elements. They do this by channeling currents through metal coils insulated by ceramic. The metal begins to resist the flow and builds heat. These types of systems can be used as primary heaters, but are very costly so you may want to keep them as a backup system.

4)   Heating Pump—Heat pumps don’t actually create their own heat. Heat from the air/underground is absorbed and channeled into the house. These heaters actually use a refrigerant to be highly efficient and cheap.

Replacing your Oil Furnace

If you are looking for someone to replace your oil furnace or want more opinions you should contact a professional. Use TalkLocal to be put in contact with reliable local businesses.  Simply input your problem and availability and within minutes you will be connected to a qualified HVAC company.

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