Testing an Electric Dryer Heating Element

Testing an Electric Dryer Heating Element - Appliances Repair

If your electric dryer is not getting hot or takes too long to dry clothes, you may have a faulty electric dryer heating element. Here are some easy steps on how to test this dryer component:

1. Ensure Safety.

Unplug your dryer. Before you start inspecting your electric dryer or any other electrical appliance, always make sure it’s disconnected from the power supply. Neglecting to do this greatly increases the risk of electrical shock.

2. Locate the Heating Element.

An electric dryer heating element is like a metal panel or box that is often located in the dryer’s back. However, different dryers may vary in the location of the heating element. If you’re not sure where the heating element of your dryer is, refer to the product manual to quickly locate it.

3. Remove the Heating Element.

To access a heating element located in the back of a dryer, unscrew the back panel and set it aside. Disconnect the wire from the dryer’s high-limit thermostat. Next, disconnect the wire of the heating element and unscrew it.

To access a heating element located in the front of a dryer, remove the front bottom panel of the dryer by unfastening the clips that hold it in place. Disconnect all wires connected to the heating element and unscrew the element to remove it.

4. Check Coils.

Inspect the coils to see if any are disconnected or damaged. If you find such issues, the electric dryer heating element will have to be replaced. Otherwise, continue the test.

5. Set Your Multi-meter.

To start the testing, you should set the multi-meter to the lowest setting (Rx1) on the resistance scale.

6. Take a Reading.

Take one probe of the multi-meter and touch it to one of the heating element terminals, take the other probe, and touch it to the other terminal. If the heater is working fine, you should get a high resistance reading up to 50 ohms. However, if the reading shows infinite resistance, then the heating element has failed and needs replacement.

Call In a Pro!

If you find that the electric dryer heating element is functioning, then you need to look for other possible causes for your dryer’s failure to heat. Consider calling in a professional to help with diagnosing and resolving the problem.

If you have a faulty heating element, you’ll also need expert help to replace it. TalkLocal specializes in matching homeowners with the right service professionals. Give us a try and find someone to fix your dryer quick.

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