Rusted Door Lock

Rusted Door Lock Locksmiths

Just like anything made of metal, door locks can get rusted over time, especially if they are on the outside of your home and get exposed to moisture. If you let enough rust build up, it can start to impede the lock mechanism from turning, block up the keyhole, or even completely freeze the lock. Once it is in this state, it may seem like your lock is completely unrecoverable, but there are some tricks you can use to get it functioning again. Keep in mind that some locks really will be rusted beyond hope of salvation, so if you are still having issues after reading these tips on how to fix a rusted door lock you might need to replace yours with a new one.

Outright replacement is our last resort, however. First, try applying some WD-40 to your rusted lock.  WD-40 is a lubricating oil that has a wide variety of uses and is available in any grocery, convenience, or hardware store. Try to find some that comes in a spray bottle; this will be easier to work on your locks with. Once you get the WD-40, spray it liberally into the keyhole of the lock and around the bolting mechanism. Your goal should be to get as much of the oil into the inside of the lock as possible. After applying the oil, let the lock sit for about thirty minutes to dry and then wipe away any excess. Then, insert the key and gently turn it side to side to knock away the rust that has been loosened by the oil. If there is a large amount of rust build up you may need to use a small cotton swap to wipe it out from the inside of the keyhole.

Depending on conditions, you may need to repeat this process several times to get all of the rust out and your lock back to working order. Once you have gone through four iterations without any success, it is probably time to give up on the lock. Luckily, you can use TalkLocal to find a locksmith in your area and have someone on their way to replace your busted lock in just a few minutes. All you need to do is enter your location, availability, and a description of your problem and TalkLocal will connect you automatically to someone who can help.

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