How to Clean Grout between Kitchen Floor Tiles

How to Clean Grout between Kitchen Floor Tiles Maid Services

If you’ve noticed that your tile floors have looked a little dirty lately, it may be because of the dirt on the grout.  Learn how to clean grout between kitchen floor tiles with the tips we’ve provided below.

General tips

– Treatments for various tile grouts are all similar despite the slight differences in the various locations/causes.  Whether it be a food grout on the kitchen floor or a mildew grout on the bathroom floor, the general idea is to apply acid to dissolve the buildup.

– Applying acid should be done moderately.  Always apply the least acidic of all the acidic solutions initially when trying to get rid of tile grouts to minimize the damage to the tiles as much as possible.  Sudden application of an acid that is too can eat away at the tiles, calling for a much more extensive and expensive repair.

– Vinegar is a popular acidic solution used to clean up your grout.  To minimize the damage to your tiles, dilute the vinegar with water first before applying it on the grout.  More acidic solutions, such as Coca-Cola, can be applied to the grout as well if need be.

– Gradually move into more acidic solutions when the milder ones are not effective.  When using vinegar, you will want to lessen the ratio of dilution to just using straight vinegar.  You may want to heat up the area/air around the grout so that the dissolving process can be more effective.

Extensive Tips

– If household items do not work, consider purchasing a commercial tile and grout cleaner to do the job.  Follow the directions on the labels.

– For even more extensive work, there are even stronger products available, such as chlorine bleach and hydrogen peroxide.  Make sure to dilute these products before you apply them to your tiles.  Don’t forget to follow these directions as well.

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