How to Clean Outside Windows without Removing Screens

How to Clean Outside Windows without Removing Screens Maid Services

There are some screens that either cannot be removed or are a hassle to remove, making their maintenance and cleaning a pain. Fortunately, it’s still possible to clean them. The steps provided below explain how to clean outside windows without removing screens. You’ll need a large spray bottle, some dish detergent, and a water hose.

1.   Pour detergent and water in the large spray bottle, and then mix thoroughly.

2.   Close and lock the inner window. Make sure that any possible cracks in the window are stuffed with rags or taped over securely with waterproof tape. Put some paper towels or rags on the windowsill too, as this could possibly get messy.

3.   Spray through the screen with the water hose from outside. Most loose debris will be removed this way.

4.   Use the large spray bottle to coat the outside screen with dish detergent. This way, any grease on the outside screen is removed, and you also get a clean outside window as well.

5.   Wait 10 minutes to let the detergent take action, and then hose down the screen and window from the outside again.

6.   Open the interior window, and be careful of any trapped water. Wipe off the window and possibly the screen as well.

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