Repair Or Adjust Your Door Lock

Repair Or Adjust Your Door Lock - Locksmiths

You rely on your locks to keep intruders out of your home, to protect your home while you are inside or away from the house, and more. Locks, however, can become damaged over time, and this can decrease how effective and useful they are for you. When your locks are damaged or broken, you may wonder how to adjust your door lock so that it works once again. Until you repair or adjust your door lock, you may not be able to use the door lock and enjoy the many benefits it can provide to you.

When the Lock Is Jammed

One option to consider with a lock that appears to be jammed or that sticks when you try to use it is to take the door lock apart.

1. Use a screw driver and try to remove the lock on your own.

2. Once it has been removed, spray the lock with machine oil or grease to lubricate the parts.

3. Then, reinstall the door lock to your door. This may correct the issue.

When the Lock Won’t Latch

Over time, a lock may fail to latch properly. This can be caused by a number of different issues, including natural settling of your home’s foundation, moisture that has changed the size or shape of the door frame or door, or the addition of a door stop or other features that have adjusted the natural alignment of the door.

If you need to readjust your door lock to account for a lock that will not latch, you should carefully inspect the door. If the door appears to be sitting unevenly in the frame or appears to be misaligned, adjusting the actual door rather than the latch may be a suitable option. Sometimes, simply tightening the screws in the door hinges will correct the problem.

If you determine that adjusting the lock is a better option, you may need to adjust the strike plate. As you open and close the door, observe if the latch is striking the strike plate above or below where it needs to be striking it. You can easily remove the strike plate with a screwdriver, adjust the frame with a chisel as needed, and replace the strike plate to correct the issue.

When Professional Assistance is Needed

If these methods do not help you repair or adjust your door lock, you may need to contact a professional locksmith for assistance. Simply use TalkLocal to be connected with up to three professionals in your area who can help you out.

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