Do Movers Pack For You?

Do Movers Pack For You? Moving and Storage

If you are planning a move but don’t want to deal with the stress of do-it-yourself packing and moving, you will want to hire a professional moving company to do the job for you. So, you’re probably wondering “do movers pack for you?” Many moving companies offer packing services in addition to transportation, which can cut down on a lot of work for you.  If you choose to go with a company that offers this service, here are a couple tips for making sure the process goes smoothly.

First, you will want to make sure that all of the perishable items in your home have been removed, including the trash in your trash cans.  You wouldn’t want to arrive at your new house to find a refrigerator full of rotten food!  You should also remove any dangerous items like gasoline, ammunition, weapons, fireworks, or propane as most movers are not legally able to transport such things.  Once those things are taken care of, consider any items that you will need in the immediate future or that you want to keep well organized in a particular way.  This could include medicine, personal files, keys, important paperwork, checkbooks, and cell phones.  Anything you leave will be packed away and inaccessible for a while and may get mixed up in a box with many other items, so don’t forget anything you need in the near future.  Don’t worry about emptying drawers or dressers, the movers will shrink wrap everything closed and move it all together so you don’t need to pull all the clothes or miscellaneous items out. You should also be aware that most movers will not go up into attics for insurance reasons, so you will need to bring anything you want packed down into the main house.

There are likely some irreplaceable items that you will want to take care of personally, rather than risk having them delayed or lost by the movers, like valuable jewelry, heirlooms, or photos.  An important thing to remember is that the movers will not be liable for anything you pack up yourself.  That means that they will not responsible for any damage that might occur to it while in transit.  You might want to designate a closet to put all items you packed yourself or items you do not want the movers to pack up. Leave a sign by the closet to let movers know to leave it alone.  After this is all taken care of, you should be ready to let the movers take over and make the move into your new home.

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