Fix a Leaking Pipe Under Bathroom Sink

Fix a Leaking Pipe Under Bathroom Sink Plumbers

Fixing the pipes under your bathroom sink can seem intimidating but it is definitely doable. To correctly fix a leaking pipe under bathroom sink, you should identify exactly where the problem is.

1)   The pipes have loose connections.

Sometimes your pipes will leak because a connector has come loose. This is a very simple issue and can be fixed in a snap. To tighten up any loose connections, you will need a pipe wrench, a pair of channel lock pliers, and plumber’s tape.  You should first tighten up the drain flange with the pipe wrench by turning the retaining nut about a quarter of a turn. Now you can tighten the rest of the connections between the pipes using the channel lock pliers. If some sections continue to leak even after being tightened, you should disconnect them and apply new plumber’s tape. Then, reconnect them and see if this stops the leaking.

2)   The pipes themselves are failing.

Another problem that may cause leaking is that the pipes are actually failing and need to be replaced. First and foremost, turn the water off. Use channel lock pliers to remove the pipes from the drain pipe and wall. Take the whole thing to the hardware store so you can find an exact match. Make sure you also get new slip nuts as well. Install the pipes and see if the leaking stops.

3)   The sink’s drain flange has gone bad.

You may have a more serious issue if you sink’s drain flange is broken. You should disconnect the sink trap using the channel lock pliers and swing it out of the way. Use the pliers to remove the slip nut connecting the drain flange to the sink and take out the retaining nut with a pipe wrench. You should inspect the flange and see what needs to be replaced. It could be an easy fix with replacing the plumber’s putty, or something more serious if anything is bent or cracked.

Continuing Problems

If you continue to have problems with your pipes leaking, you should seek professional help. Use TalkLocal to be put in contact with reliable local plumbing businesses. You don’t have to do any work! Simply input your problem and availability and TalkLocal will do the rest. Within minutes your should be connected to someone who can help you out.

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