Fixing Leaking Pipes under Sink

Fixing Leaking Pipes Under Sink Plumbers

Tired of waiting for your spouse to fix the leaking pipes? Here are a few helpful tips to assist you with fixing leaking pipes under the sink without wrecking the place. Identifying the leak source and replacing old parts are key steps to a having fully functioning sink.

How to stop a leaking pipe under your sink: 

Whether you have brass pipes or PVC (plastic) pipes, these tips are for you. To begin, place a bucket under where the leak is taking place to catch the dripping water. Next, dry the pipes with a towel. Identify if the leak is coming from the incoming pipe or outgoing pipe. Plug the sink and run the faucet. If you see a leak at this time under the sink, the incoming water pipes are the issue. If you do not see a leak, unplug the sink and allow the water to drain. If a leak occurs, the problem is with the outgoing pipes.

The highest damp point usually indicates the start of the leak. Depending on the location, there may be various things to look for. For example, a pipe may have a crack, the shutoff may be bad, or the nuts could be loose. If the shutoff is the problem, check out this article. If a nut is loose, a basin wrench will do the trick to tighten them up. Sometimes the washers or nuts are worn out and need a replacement. If that is the case, you can find these parts for replacement at your local department store. Replacing the worn parts is a cheap and efficient fix if the leak is not too large.

If you don’t have the correct tools or would like someone else to fix the problem, use TalkLocal to find a plumber that will come at your convenience. The service is free and will quickly connect you to a high quality plumber near you.

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