Removing Tree Root from Lawn

Removing Tree Root from Lawn Tree Removal

When a tree falls down or gets removed from your lawn, it can leave behind pesky roots.  These roots will destroy the look of your lawn if they are improperly removed. Some roots go deep into the ground or spread out far around the lawn.  You need to take the correct measures when removing tree root from lawn.

Tree roots need to be deep enough to reach the water in the ground but shallow enough to get air and oxygen to the surface. There are three different types of roots that allow trees to receive the right nutrients.  The first type of root is the heavy anchoring ones that come from the base of the trunk.  The second type is the longer transport root extends from the anchors to form a network to find nutrients.  The third type of root is the small roots that branch from the transport roots.  Each of these roots is needed to keep your tree healthy and alive.

The first thing you should do when trying to remove tree roots is change the conditions of your lawn. You can circle the tree with light compost and coarse wood chips to attempt to do this. This mixture will allow air to pass to the roots without overwhelming the tree’s internal system.  The compost should be kept loose and replaced every year.  This will move the roots further into the ground so that you can remove them without causing too much lawn damage.

In order to remove the roots you should make sure the lawn is properly watered so the roots and soil is not too brittle.  You can remove the most surface roots by cutting the roots out cleanly and pulling them out from one central location. You can fill each hole left by the root with more soil.  Use soft topsoil and not composted soil.  In order to take out deeper roots, you should use a stump grinder.  This machine grinds the stump and roots that reach up to one foot into the ground.  The remaining root will decompose and disappear into the lawn without the tree.

If you continue to have problems with roots you should try to install root barriers.  Once you have removed the remaining roots, use buried walls to keep tree roots from expanding too far.

Continuing Problems

If you have more questions about tree root removal you should try to talk to a professional so that you can get the best help possible.  The easiest and fastest way to get in contact with reliable local tree removal services is to use TalkLocal. Just put in your problem and availability and let them do all the work.  Within minutes you will be connected to someone who should be able to help you out.

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