Inground Pool Lighting Options

Inground Pool Lighting Options Electricians

Inground pool lights help make your inground pool safer for everyone who uses it, in addition to setting the atmosphere for use at night. Therefore, you need to pick a type of inground pool light that suits your needs best. Read on to explore your inground pool lighting options.

LED — The main attraction of LED lights is that they’re very energy efficient and can save you a great deal of money. LED stands for “light emitting diodes” and are composed of many small individual lights. They come in a variety of colors, which you should take advantage of to make your pool unique.

Halogen — Halogen lights are reliable and energy efficient, as well as environmentally friendly and child friendly. Because they release no harmful gasses, pool owners can rest assured that they’re being green when lighting up their pool.

Fiber Optic — Fiber optic lights are great if you want to keep the electrical source far away from the water, as fiber optic cables merely transmit light and not electricity. This also gets rid of the problem of hot pool lights that might hurt young children. However, fiber optic inground pool lights are not as bright as LED lights, so if brightness is a major issue, then fiber optic pool lights may not be for you.

Solar — Solar pool lights win the energy efficiency contest hands down, as they use zero electricity. They’ll charge in the daytime and then use that energy at night to light your pool. Solar pool lights come in many attractive varieties, including ones that float on your pool and removable ones that can also be used in other areas of your house when you don’t need them for your pool.

Incandescent — The classic incandescent bulb is still used in pools, as they come in a wide variety of wattages. They should all, however, be fitted with 12V transformers to prevent any major electric shocks if any water ever gets inside the sealed bulb.

After you choose the lighting that fits your pool and your needs the best, you’ll need an electrician to install that light. Because you’ll be working so close to water, wiring pool lights can be dangerous, especially when you refill your pool to find that you’ve done it incorrectly. To prevent this from happening, use TalkLocal to find a professional electrician that knows how to work with pool lights.

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