How Do I Know When to Replace Shocks?

How Do I Know When to Replace Shocks? - Auto Repair

Leaky and Damaged Shocks

Knowing when to replace shocks is important if you want to keep your car in good shape. Replacing shocks is needed if your current shocks are damaged and leaking. You also need to replace your shocks if they are worn out from use. Unlike squeaky brakes, car shocks are more complicated to replace, and you definitely need professional help. You can tell if there is leakage if there is oily wetness on the exterior of the shocks or struts. Additionally, you can tell if there is damage when you can see that the mount is broken or the housing is dented.

Shocks that are Not Suitable

In some cases, the original shocks are not leaky, damaged, or worn out, but simply that they are not adequate for the demands of your car. In this instance, you need to replace your current shocks with more rigid ones. If the problem is the car oil; you also need to replace this too.

Unlike filters or plugs, shocks do not have a specific mileage needed before they can be replaced. However, knowing when to replace shocks after a certain mileage is reached is important, too. Most shocks need to be replaced after 30,000 to 40,000 miles, but the mileage for your car will vary greatly.

Pinpointing the exact time that shocks need to be replaced is sometimes hard, because by the time you realize that they need to be changed, it is usually way past the time that they actually need to be. The best way to consider when to replace shocks is by observing the ride of your car. If your car bounces excessively after a hump in the road, then your car’s shocks need to be replaced.

Finding a Professional

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