Mouse Poison Safe for Dogs

Mouse Poison Safe for Dogs Pest Control

Is mouse poison safe for dogs? Generally speaking, no, but it depends on the type you use. Regular mouse poisons are usually harmful for pets. Commercial rat poison leads to internal bleeding and death when ingested by a rat. For humans and dogs, ingestion of these poisons can also cause internal bleeding and death without treatment. However, there are some safe poisons that can be bought or homemade. There also some alternatives than using rat poison.

Safe Mouse Poison

There are commercial rat poisons on the market that are safe for all pets and humans. Eradibait is a natural rat poison which is safe to non-rodents due to its plant material composition. It kills rodents by capitalizing on their unique digestive system. The poison causes dehydration, which induces blood thickening and circulatory collapse. The mouse will then go into a coma and die. This particular poison is only sold in the UK and must be bought online. There are also other all natural, non-toxic rat and mouse products out there that you can purchase in the United States. You can find different types of safe mouse poisons on Amazon and have them shipped overnight starting at $10.95. There is also a homemade poison you can try that is made with baking soda. The homemade concoction kills rodents by causing an internal carbon dioxide build-up. Make this pet-friendly mouse poison following these instructions:

1.      Mix 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of sugar, and 1 cup of baking soda in a bowl

2.      Place small amounts of the mix onto small plates

3.      Spread peanut butter or other food around the edges of the plates

4.      Put places into highly active rodent areas of the house


There are also many alternatives that can eliminate the mouse infestation without the use of potentially harmful rodent poisons.

1.    Live Traps- Live traps allow you to capture the mouse and dispose of it on your own. The downside, however, is that with large infestations, this may not be effective and may slow the process of eliminating them from the house. You can find and purchase mouse and rat live traps on Amazon and have them shipped overnight starting at $9.97.

2.    Kill Traps- Glue and snap traps can be used to kill rodents with only a minor risk of injury to your pets. Once again, the downside is low effectiveness and efficiency. You can find and purchase mouse and rat kill traps on Amazon and have them shipped overnight starting at $7.98.

If you’re still experiencing rodent problems after trying all of the methods listed above, you should consider hiring a trained professional. TalkLocal can connect you to several highly rated pest control professionals in your area within minutes. Simply enter a brief description of your service needs along with your location and availability, and TalkLocal will do the rest.

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